Complete Voice Amplification System


Wireless Microphone, Amplifier, Speakers and Mounting Kit Starting at $1,495


Extron VoiceLift® Pro Microphone Systems employ advanced RF wireless technology for superior sound quality, increased reliability, greater range, and reduced interference over traditional systems. The systems contain all the components necessary to evenly distribute the teacher's voice throughout the room including a wireless microphone, receiver, switcher/amplifier, speakers, mounting hardware, and cables. They also upgrade easily and affordably to a complete PoleVault® Digital classroom AV switching and control system.


  • Advanced RF wireless technology provides superior performance over traditional systems
  • Powerful 50 watt audio amplifier
  • Flat Field® speakers for consistent sound levels across the listening area
  • Advanced digital signal processing optimizes voice intelligibility and audio quality
  • Supports up to two microphones per classroom for team teaching or student participation
  • Wall mount kit protects components from tampering and theft
  • Upgrades easily and affordably to a complete PoleVault Digital classroom AV switching and control system
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VLS 3001 Education Pricing


Included Components:

  • VoiceLift Pro Pendant Microphone
  • VoiceLift Pro Receiver
  • VoiceLift Pro Charging Station
  • PoleVault Digital Switcher/amplifier
  • Flat Field speakers, pair
  • Wall Mount Kit
  • Distribution and speaker cabling